Inner Circle


This is the exclusive 1 on 1 mentorship

The Inner Circle is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of various ways to make money, including Amazon, E-commerce, Crypto investments, property investments, affiliate marketing, and many more. You will have access to my tried-and-true methods that have helped me achieve financial success over the years.

As a member of this group, you will be part of a select group of individuals who are committed to learning, growing, and taking action to achieve their financial goals. You will receive personalised attention and guidance from me to help you develop and execute a customised plan that works for you.

  • The Ascension inner circle group includes monthly 1 on 1 video calls with self-made millionaire entrepreneur TJ Cunningham
  • Members of the inner circle group receive assisted research and scrutiny, ensuring that their ideas are profitable and viable.
  • The inner circle group provides troubleshooting for your Amazon listings, helping you to optimise your product listings and increase your sales.
  • Both courses and chats for Amazon will be open for IC members
  • All work opportunities that arise from TJ’s business operations are offered exclusively to members of the inner circle group.


**We can also facilitate payments in Crypto, please message us on live chat for more details.


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